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As we seek to be faithful with the resources that God has given to us, we want to understand as much as we can about the work that God has called you to. It's our desire to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider how we might labor together with you in serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

We begin by asking that you take the time to help us become more familiar with the service that God has called you to. Please use as much space as you need to fully answer the following questions.(If you would prefer to print out the form and mail it to us, click here.)

If you have questions, please email



Email (again)*
Phone Number

1. How, or what, was the call from God on your life to do this?
2. What experience do you have in this field?
3. Who are some of the people that have experience in this area that you have sought council from?
4. Are there others that are willing to help you,
work with you and under your leadership?
5. Is this ministry based on Biblical principles?
Please elaborate.
6. How will this help you and those involved to grow in Christ, and how will it point others to Christ?
7. Do you have a plan to fund it?
8. Where you going and what are your desires in
going there to serve as a missionary?
9. What training or experience has prepared you
for this mission?
10. How will you support yourself financially?
11. Is your family in agreement with you?
12. Have you submitted to the leadership of a
missionary organization?
13. Is there already a mission group doing similar work in the area you're considering? Would it be good to team up with them rather than duplicating the effort?
14. How long has this desire been on your heart?
15. Does this calling require gifts and talents
that are natural to you?
16. Is your personal life in reasonable order or
in disarray?

Please submit TWO Reference Letters from Leaders at your Home Church.
If these letters are in a digital format, please upload PDF's or JPG's here.
 I will be mailing my letters. 
If you will be mailing your letters of recommendation, please check the box above
and send them to:

Harvest Fellowship

11225 Grabill Rd.
Leo, IN 46765

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