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Ministry Op.: Greeter


  • Greet people as they enter the sanctuary in a friendly, welcoming manner.

  • Hand out bulletins and point out song sheets to those sitting in the "back 40

  • Assist late-comers in finding a seat

Training/Ministry Application

  • Minimal - Greeters need to be able to answer questions people may have about the church, like where the High school meets, where the nursery is, bathrooms, etc.
  • The overseer will interview interested parties before they can begin greeting.
  • No Ministry Ap is required

Time Commitment - Prep Time
Plus Length of Service

  • We ask greeters to commit to one month's service at a time.
  • Greeters can choose to serve in First Service, Second Service, or in both if they would like
  • Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes per service - greeters need to be available the entire service
  • Greeters need to be at the church 20 minutes before service begins. This would be 8:40 AM for first service, 10:10 AM for 2nd.


Jerome Williams: 485-9668 or