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Ministry Op.: CD Duplication


  • Duplicate and label messages on CD and Cassettes after 1st and 2nd services on Sundays for people as they are ordered.

Training/Ministry Application

  • Minimal: 10 minutes to learn how to operate CD duplicator, tape duplicator and how to fill out and apply labels. No ministry app required.

Time Commitment - Prep Time
Plus Length of Service

  • We need someone who can be there after 1st service at 10 AM and again after 2nd service at 11:30 AM. You could come at 10 to fill orders for 1st service, attend 2nd service and fill orders afterwards for that service. You will probably be done with 2nd service orders by 12:30 at the latest.
  • We are flexible, but would like to have a one month commitment so we can rotate with other volunteers month on, month off.


Mike Reese: 444-8299 or